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Our wine steward has harmonized the bar card to offer a large choice of drinks, cocktails and snacks.


The symbol of the Orient and the source of warmth bringing health, physical and spiritual pleasure. It is a recipe for good feeling, peps,healthy body and spirit. The temperature of the hamam reaches 38 to 50°C with humidity almost 100 per cent.


The sauna heated to 37 or evento 100°C with air humidity reaching 40 to 60 per centprovides for therapeutic and cosmetological effect, normalizesmetabolic process, enhances general body resistance, reduces weight, warms up and speeds up recovery of muscles before doing sports.


The hydromassage system offers the pulsing massage as the perfect stopper of stress, sleep loss and nervous alertness. A combination of sauna and hydromassage should contribute to relaxation immensely.

Swimming Pool

Swimming pool with water slides and floor-to-ceiling windows provide an unusual view of the Becker’s park and the sea zone.A powerful glass sand filtration system, daily cleansing and ozone treatment will make your leisure time in the aquazone safe.

A phyto bar and fitness facility are at your service to assist you with your many everyday recovery needs.

You can get detailed information while making yourself familiar with the SPA-center attendance rules right at the SPA or from the receptionist. In case of any such questions dial 001 for the reception desk.

Body SPA

Skin Care from La Sultan de Saba