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The History of the Schloss Hotel

In the midst of an old-world garden right upon the Baltic Sea in Yantarny, Kaliningrad Region, a hunting lodge of the Prussian King Friedrich I was placed to become in course of time a comfortable 5-star Sсhloss-Hotel Yantarny.

 The Schloss Hotel has a rich history.  In 17th century this land belonged to East Prussia.   Prince Elector Georg Wilhelm was enchanted by the picturesque bucolics of Palmniken (now Yantarny) which had much to offer in terms of hunting, and ordered a hunting lodge to be erected. 

After death of the Prince Elector his castle has been used in different ways to house at first The Coast Guard, Amber Chamberand even a special prison for amber robbers.

In 1703 a new owner Prussian King Friedrich Ibuilt up the castle anew having expanded it and scaled massively. Friedrich, famously fond of luxury and festivities, ordered to entertain him freely and with great respect.The luxurious reconstruction costed 1023 thalers which made up quite considerable funds at the time. It is where the idea of an amber room from local amber stones first crossed Friedrich’s mind.

The castle was being rebuit and changed to take the final appearance in 19th century thanks to M. Becker’s efforts who did his utmost for the premises and surroundings after having purchased amber mines in Palmniken. In 1870 Becker tore down the old building and erected on its foundations a baronial mansion ornated with roof sculptures, and a beautiful park extending over 12 Ha of the surrounding land.

In 1899 the Becker’s house lapses to the Prussian Crown and serves as an inn for many travellers from Germany. From that time on, the house was baptized The Schloss-Hotel which should be translated into English as The Castle Hotel. During World War II the compounds survived the destruction and at first housed a library and then the Yantarny Bereg restaurant.

In 2012 the new owner restored the historical part of The Schloss Hotel according to ancient drawings and photographs as designed by Maurice Becker himself.

Like many other historical buildings in the former Königsberg (Kaliningrad region) The Schloss Hotel, once almost completely lost, is now re-energised within indoor premises behind the preserved facade. It threw open the doors in 2012, let the visitors in and became a point of attraction on the touristic, gastronomic and cultural map of the region.